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Blending design and installation expertise with a commitment to quality and reliability, TRE Lighting & Electrical ensures every project is brilliantly executed.

Industrial Projects
low voltage and structured cabling
Low Voltage & Structured Cabling
Ground-Up Projects
Underground Dry Utilities
Underground Dry Utilities
Tenant Improvements
Tenant Improvements
Design-Build Projects

TRE Lighting & Electrical, EST. 2011​

Our Commitment to Excellence & Innovation

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Founded in 2011 by Trevor Renck, TRE Lighting & Electrical stands as a beacon of excellence in the electrical services industry. With over 14 years of hands-on experience, we specialize in the planning, installation, and servicing of electrical systems across residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.

Our commitment to superior customer service and satisfaction is at the core of everything we do, ensuring that we deliver unparalleled quality and reliability at competitive prices. Choose TRE Lighting & Electrical for your next project, and experience the professionalism and expertise that set us apart.

Expert Solutions for Modern Needs

Core Electrical & Lighting Services

Step into the future with our core electrical and lighting services, engineered for efficiency, safety, and performance.

Electrical Installation

Electrical Installation

We specialize in precise electrical setups for a variety of settings, including homes, businesses, and industrial sites. Our approach ensures all installations are safe, efficient, and ready to meet your needs from day one.

Lighting Installation

Lighting Installation

Transform spaces with tailored lighting solutions that enhance ambiance and energy efficiency, indoors and out.

Appliance Installation

Appliance Installation

Expert fitting and connectivity for a wide range of electrical appliances, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

Power Distribution

Power Distribution

Design and implement efficient power distribution systems for reliable energy flow and infrastructure resilience.

Safety Systems

Safety Systems

Install advanced safety systems, including fire alarms and emergency lighting, to protect premises and occupants.

Maintenance & Inspections

Maintenance & Inspections

We specialize in thorough inspections, coupled with diligent maintenance to keep electrical systems at peak performance. This commitment ensures your setup remains safe, compliant, and optimally efficient at all times.

tre lighting anaheim
tre lighting anaheim

Unmatched Service, Anytime Anywhere

Your Trusted Lighting & Electrical Partner

Our company was built on a foundation of dedication to excellence, a commitment to doing the job right the first time, and a passion for providing a better product. As a family-owned business, we pride ourselves on our stellar reputation, upheld by our guarantee of quality on parts and materials for a year after service. Choose TRE Lighting & Electrical for your next project, and experience the professionalism and expertise that set us apart.

Delivering Safety, Efficiency, and Innovation

Full-Spectrum Electrical Services & Specializations

At TRE, we are committed to delivering safety, efficiency, and innovation through our full-spectrum electrical services and specializations, ensuring every project exceeds expectations.

Comprehensive Electrical Solutions

Commercial & Industrial: Ground-up construction, tenant improvements, and industrial design-builds.

Hospitality & Retail: Electrical expertise for hotels and restaurants for optimal guest experiences.

Specialized Electrical Services

EV Charging Solutions: Installation of electric vehicle charging stations for commercial, residential, and public spaces.

Underground Dry-Utilities: Advanced solutions for underground electrical infrastructure, ensuring reliability and safety.

Public & Residential Electrical Services

Public Works: Electrical projects for public infrastructure, including schools and public facilities, focusing on safety, efficiency, and durability.

Residential Electrical Services: Full range of electrical services for homes, from installations and maintenance to low-voltage systems, tailored to enhance and secure your living spaces.

Certification & Maintenance Expertise

Maintenance and Certifications: Offering lighting and electrical service maintenance, along with Title 24 certifications to meet regulatory compliance and energy efficiency standards.

Our Work Speaks for Itself

Projects We're Proud Of

Certification & Maintenance Expertise

Here When You Need Us

Responsive Service Calls

At TRE Lighting & Electrical, we understand that electrical issues don’t wait for a convenient moment to arise. That’s why our responsive service call team is always ready to spring into action, providing timely, efficient, and effective solutions to any electrical challenge you may face.

Whether it’s a minor inconvenience or a major emergency, our skilled technicians are equipped with the knowledge and tools to ensure your electrical systems are restored to optimal condition with minimal disruption to your day. 

Trust us to be there for you, delivering the high-quality service and peace of mind you deserve, anytime, anywhere.

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